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Human Capital Management System

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Why a HCMS is important

Human capital management (HCM) guides companies to optimize employee performance. It is a discipline that brings chaos to order. When companies have a desire to grow and expand, the need for order becomes more evident. Growing a business without a HCMS will lead to organization wide inefficiencies.

As a small business, the owner can single handedly manage its workforce and available skills. However, as the businesss and workforce grows, there is a threshold when this ability to effectively manage the workforce becomes impossible. Key indicators are an uptick in turnover, employee complaints, dcrease in ROI, poor communication, decrease in efficiency, etc.

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List of Features

360 Feedback
AAP Reporting
Asset Tracking
Auto Fill forms
Balance Score Card
Benefits online - Medical, Dental, Vision
Company Announcements
Compensation Management
Custom Fields - Track 12x custom Data Fields
Email Notifications
Employee Directory
Employee Folders
Employee Portal
Employment Law Digest - California
Expense Reporting - Employee
FAQ - Knowledge Base
Goal Alignment - Vertical
Goal Alignment - Horizontal
Job Costing - Time / Output
Job Profile - Real Time
Knowledge Library
Leave Management
Messaging- Department
Metrics - Companywide
Metrics - Employee
Off boarding Checklist
Onboarding - Checklist
Payroll previewing
Performance Management- Real Time
Pivot Tables
Project Management
Reporting - General
Self-serve portal
Skill Assessment - Companywide
Staffing Management
Succession Management
Suggestion Box
Time Off Request
Training Management
Worker's Compensation Management
Work Force Utilization
Human Resource Compliance
When it comes to Human Resources, you’ve got to know your stuff. Your organization and its employees are depending on you to provide accurate information, advice and answers on everything from government regulatory issues and benefits administration to the finer points of the employee handbook. You’ve also have to be current on all the latest HR legal issues, be available as a knowledgeable resource for employees, be able to mediate internal conflicts and disputes and be prepared to hire and fire personnel as necessary. You’ve got your work cut out for you, but we can help!